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  Annual Report 2009-10  

Activities and Processes of Organisation

Women Awareness Programme

The organisation has conducted 12 camps on women awareness programmes in 12 villages of 7 districts. 182 women from scheduled caste, 157 women from backward caste, 76 women from minorities and 194 women from other castes participated in these programmes. The experts in these camps provided information on various laws, women health, reproduction and measures of population control and gave details to fulfil their needs through the SHGs and about employment opportunities.

Women Education

This year, the organisation provided training to 25 rural women in the age group of 15-35 years to make available the primary level education to them. 13 women from scheduled caste and 12 women from backward caste were among these 25 women who participated in the training programme.

Women Employment cum Training

This year, GNA organised 60 training programmes in 10 gram Panchayats of six Nyaya Panchayats of two blocks on soft toys making, organic manure/vermicompost making, food preservation and treatment, readymade garment making and beauty-culture and hair dressing. A total of 300 women were trained among which 113 were from scheduled caste, 110 from backward caste and 87 women were from other castes.

Kishori Shakti Yojana

This year, the organisation provided professional training and general awareness to 120 girls from four villages of two blocks of rural areas of Meerut and Aligarh districts. 34 girls from scheduled caste, 42 girls from backward caste and 21 girls from minorities participated in the programme.

Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan

This year, the organisation organised 10 alternative and innovative centres in the slums of urban areas in which 250 children deprived of education were linked to the mainstream. Residential bridge course was conducted in the rural area in which 50 children deprived of education were linked to the mainstream.

ILCS Biometric Survey

This year, the organisation performed biometric survey by visiting families from the urban area of Chharra and Vijaygarh Nagar Panchayats and identified those families which used to carry night soil or flows in the drain. It made toilets for 201 poor families from Charra Nagar and four poor families from Vijaygarh Nagar Panchayat. It made the people aware to end up this kind of dirty work from the society.

Employment Programme

This year, the organisation supplied the workers on the demand of block development officer. It organised awareness campaign in 24 villages to make the rural people aware of the NREGA project run by the government.

Vocational Training

This year, the organisation selected 25 women (10 women from scheduled caste, 8 from backward caste, 5 from minorities and 2 handicapped) in the age group of 15-35 years and provided them training on handloom, computer, embroidery and sewing and weaving. 22 women were provided loan from the financial institutions to buy machines and to provide them with employment opportunities.

Youth Welfare Programme

This year, the organisation conducted 12 one day camps to bring awareness among the youth about their responsibilities towards the society and the country. 198 youths from rural areas and 123 youths from urban areas participated in the programme which comprised 48 percent of scheduled caste, 26 percent of backward caste and 22 percent youths from minorities. Thoughts were presented on prevention of the increase of drug addiction among youth, population control, health, preventing dowry, AIDS prevention, communal harmony, etc. Speech competitions and group discussions were also organised on these burning issues.


This year, the organisation conducted 16 one day awareness programmes on environmental protection in rivers on the banks of the Ganga River in 10 villages in which 376 representatives from 16 villages participated. Thought was given to prevent the cutting of green trees and to keep the Ganga River clean. Everyone agreed in the training that cutting of trees must be stopped, efforts must be done to keep the Ganga River clean and new trees must be planted. Training was provided on various measures of environmental protection in rivers and timing of plantation of different trees.

Family Planning Programme

To make family planning programme a success, the organisation visited the families of 24 villages in Mahamayanagar Hathras, Aligarh, Etah, Bulandshahar, Badaun and Pilibhit district this year and told them about the need of family planning and the measures and their utilisation to control family.

Agricultural Training

This year, the organisation conducted 20 seminars for the farmers of the weaker section in which it told the qualified farmers about the scientific techniques of agriculture for progressive variety of agriculture. Along with that they were motivated to diversified crops at a single go. The farmers were also trained to use bio-fertilisers and manure instead of chemical fertiliser. 432 farmers participated in these programmes.

Women Farmers Programme

To provide for the rights to the rural women farmers, the organisation conducted women farmers programme this year, with support from Aaroh and social organisation Disha from Saharanpur. A rally was organised in five villages and all the women from these villages collectively organised a programme at block level on solving those issues.

Panchayati Raj Programme

This year the organisation conducted 14 camps for gram pradhans, panchayat members and other respectable members. 462 people from 22 villages, in which 144 were women, participated in the camps. These camps provided information on Panchayati Raj and on how to build a model village. Pradhan Panch, people and government employees plan together to make the village a model village. The details were provided on the works that can be done for economic benefits of poor families in addition to agricultural works. The camps also provided the details about wheres, whats and hows of the support available.

Cultural Programme

To make alive the village culture and civilization, a rural fair was organised last year in which the items made by the villagers were exhibited and the artists from the villages exhibited their talent. They were motivated through prize distribution.

Awareness Programme for Drinking Water

After seeing the scarcity of drinking water in the area, 22 camps in the rural areas were organised last year by the organisation. These camps made the villagers aware of maintaining the water level in the wells, to keep the ponds full of water every time, and the techniques of getting clean water and to keep the drinking water shortage problem away.

National Consumer Awareness Programme

The organisation conducted 8 one day National Consumer Awareness camps in 8 villages and provided the social workers with the knowledge about rights and duties of consumers. The programme made them understood that every person is consumer and everyone is businessman. Whenever we sells our grain in the market, it is our responsibility that it is dry and clean; and when we are going to purchase, it must be seen that it is genuine and the price being taken is right. If anyone asks for a higher price or gives the wrong item, we can complain in the consumer forum. For this we should collect the bill of the purchased item. These entire things should be taken care of.

Legal Awareness Programme

Last year the organisation conducted 12 seminars on legal awareness and provided the information on Panchayati Raj Act, Women Protection Act and other acts to the villagers. 225 women and 110 men from 12 villages participated in the programmes.

Research Programme

This year, the organisation took to research on the participation of women in Panchayati Raj. It researched on 70 Gram Sabha members and 4 Nagar Panchayat members and found that an elected women representative is unaware of her rights. Only 20 percent of women were found to be aware of her duties. At most of the places son or husband of the women representative were found to be working in her place and even the instances were seen that their husband are making their signatures instead.


This year, to make the women farmers get their rights; the organisation made the District Magistrate and District Agricultural Officer aware of their problems and requested them to enter their name with husband as joint holder of the agricultural land. It organised awareness rally at block level with participation of women farmers from 20 villages and put their issues from block to district level.


This year, the organisation made an evaluation on Government of India's ILCS project running in Aligarh district and found that poor families from urban areas are benefitted from the project. The project running in the area to end the custom of manual scavenging has made a stop to the making of such type of toilets in urban areas. The organisation got feedback from 120 beneficiaries from nine Nagar Panchayats, and found that the project is very much useful.


This year, with support from Urban Development Authority Aligarh, the organisation performed economic survey through visiting around 2400 families in Vijaygarh and Chharra Nagar Panchayats.

Old Age Care Programme

This year, the organisation conducted a meeting on the problems and maintaining standard of living for the elderly, in which five most old men and four most old women of the area were presented with shawl and scroll of honour. Highly poor and handicapped women were distributed with blankets to save themselves from cold.

Rural Development Programme

The organisation selected social workers for the rural development, this year. Employment was made available to 248 people from 14 villages after training and loan approval through 14 one day camps conducted by the organisation. Road was built through shramdan (own labour) in the three villages and cleanliness campaign was also run through. The social workers took oath for the solution of the rural problems.

AIDS Awareness Programmes

Last year the organisation conducted 12 camps to make the villagers and the urbanites to be aware of the most dreaded disease AIDS. The doctors and the social workers in the camps narrated the reasons of AIDS and precautions to be taken. The intellectuals exhorted for to take the path of the ancestors to be of good character and believe in one wife policy. This will make a happy family and nobody will be affected from AIDS. The experts in the seminar also told that AIDS is not a communicable disease and is now curable.

SHGs Development Programme

This year, the organisation, with support from National Women's Fund (for which a loan of one lakh of rupees is made available to the organisation from the National Women's Fund) strengthened the women SHGs from the poor families of rural areas, and trained them on the objectives of the group such as, small savings and provision of loan to the needy women from it and work for her progress, making transactions through the bank, account keeping and management, etc. Till now the organisation has formed 72 SHGs in 26 villages, which comprised 766 women members.

Swarna Jayanti Self-Employment Programme

This year, with support from district rural development programme, the organisation formed four SHGs in Gangiri block, all were of women. Their accounts have been opened up in the bank and all the groups are doing their transactions with full confidence. This year these two groups got Rs 25000 each from banks and district rural development department and two lakhs each were approved for two groups.

Handicraft Programme

This year, the organisation provided separate trainings on soft toys making to 30 women, dari making to 17 women, jute bag making to 12 women and making moonga pearls to 22 women. They were also trained on the sale and retail management of the manufactured items, and haats were used for their sale.

Handicapped Welfare Programme

In the present year the organisation selected 10 handicapped to make them independent, and made three to learn dari, three to learn carpet, two to learn sewing and two were made to learn cycle repairing. Efforts were made to get them motivated for life by providing them the crux of the knowledge of human life.

Hospital and Health Programme

This year, the organisation surveyed the services made available to the rural families and got that the poor are not getting the services in the right manner. The women suffer from labour pain without any health services in the area. To provide the health services to these families, GNA is running a hospital and in which 98 pregnant women, 1225 public health and 1422 children took benefits of health services for the whole year. Along with that the hospital workers visited one village every week and provided health services to the villagers.

Child Welfare Programme

In the present year, GNA organised a balwadi for the welfare of children in the age group 3-6 year, in which 30 children, all from scheduled caste were educated.

Child Labour Programme

This year, GNA organised a special child labour school in Jalesar in the Etah district in which it provided education to 37 children and imparted in them working skills.


In this way the organisation got success in the year under review, with the mutual support of all the members.

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