Panchayati Raj Election Voters Awareness Campaign

GNA carried out this campaign during the panchayat elections held in the year 2005 in collaboration with the state level resource organisation Sahbhagi Shikshan Kendra (SSK), Lucknow. The activities were aimed at creating informed voters in rural areas so they could exercise their franchise in panchayat elections judiciously and elect people-sensitive candidates to the panchayats. The campaign covered almost 80 villages in Aligarh district.

The campaign included three sets of activities: before voting, during nomination, and between nomination and voting.

Before Voting

These included giving information regarding delimitation and reservation. Mass contacts and discussions were held with village level groups and organisations to build environment for elections. Discussions were held with voters for electing ‘good’ candidates.

During Nomination

For creating awareness regarding technicalities of electoral process among the villagers information centres were set up. These information centres gave information about nomination process in a simple manner. During nomination, stalls were set up at the block level to help prospective candidates in filing their nominations. Posters, pamphlets and stickers were made available at these stalls for further creating awareness among the villagers and candidates.

Between Nomination and Voting

The highlights of activities in this phase were coordination meetings between candidates and voters. These coordination meetings gave an opportunity to candidates and voters to come face to face. Other activities included slogan writing on walls, pasting of posters and distribution of pamphlets.

The campaign was successful in changing the mindset of the villagers in this agriculturally dominated area. For the first time problems and issues of the common man came to the fore in any election. This, GNA hopes will go a long way in making the panchayats pro-people.

Aaroh Campaign

Aaroh is a campaign for asserting rights and demanding justice for women farmers in Uttar Pradesh. GNA is carrying out campaign in Aligarh district in collaboration with Disha Social Organization, an NGO based in Saharanpur district of Uttar Pradesh. Disha is one of the five regional coordinators of the campaign, which is being coordinated at the state level by Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) with support from Oxfam (India) Trust.

Initial activities are currently underway in 10 villages of Aligarh district.

To know more about Aaroh Campaign in Western Uttar Pradesh, click here.



A view of the camp organised as a part of PREVAC

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