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  Panchayati Raj and Rural Development  

Strong panchayati raj is cornerstone of rural development.

To strengthen panchayati raj, camps are organised to create awareness among gram pradhans, panchayat members and other respected persons. Detailed information regarding panchayati raj is provided to the participants. Information is also provided for preparing village development plan through gram panchayats. It is emphasised that gram pradhan, panchayat members, government employees and village residents must work in tandem to have ideal villages. Information is also provided about the financial assistance available for the poor people for agricultural and non-agricultural works.

As GNA works in predominantly agricultural area, workshops are organised regularly to motivate the farmers for taking up scientific farming. They are motivated to go in for multiple cropping. The farmers are also motivated for using organic and bio manures in place of chemical fertilisers.

Volunteers have been recruited for taking up rural development programmes. Training are organised for the unemployed people in 12 villages and loans sanctioned for them so as to enable them to take up employment.

Roads have been constructed in three villages through shramdan (voluntary contribution of labour).


People seeking information from the camp organised as a part of Panchayat Voter Awareness Campaign

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