Secretary's Message  

RP Gupta, Secretary of GNAGram Niyozen Ashram is a voluntary organisation in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh. Though considered 'developed' by the planners and donors both, Aligarh and other districts of western Uttar Pradesh have pockets of poverty and deprivation. GNA works with these deprived people.

Ever since its formation, GNA is making efforts for social change through interventions in domains like health, education, women empowerment, child development and panchayat strengthening. It strives for people centred development. It has ensured participation of the very people for which it works.

The hallmark of the organisation's efforts is the hospital it runs for providing medical services to the residents of remote villages. This coupled with other interventions of the organisation have led to encouraging results in the area.

GNA lays emphasis on continued dynamism, transparency, leadership development, sustainability of livelihood and promotion of self-employment. These the organisation thinks are the foundation of the future strategy.

Though the organisation has received very limited funding because of the bias of the government and donor agencies, it has much to show in the field. This has been possible because of the participation of a vast range of stakeholders, including local officials, people's representatives and prominent citizens of the area.

RP Gupta

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